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The 64-bit slots use in this case 3.3 Volt signalling.5V/64-bit slots do exist as well in certain machines such as industrial PCs.A slot that uses a 66 MHz PCI clock, always will use 3.3 Volt signalling.With that in mind, this answer on Super User addresses the issue of using PCI-X cards in plain PCI slots: Yes, as long as the PCI slot is a 2.x or later, PCI 1.0 was 5v while PCI 2.x was 3.3v - which is electrically compatible with PCI-X.PCI2.3 is capable of both 3.3V and 5V signalling, and Intel specify that 3.3V is active on this motherboard.I would like to use this card on an Atom motherboard with 32-bit PCI 2.3-slots, but those are keyed as 5V for some reason.In this case, the 32-bit slots are 5 Volt slots.